Los Lobos Racing Pigeon Club

2013 Los Lobos RPC Auction Race 

Will be held in conjunction with the 1st 300 mile race from Moab, UT

with optional 400 mile race from Price, UT

The average distance to Moab, UT is 302 miles

The entry fee for the race is $10.00 per bird 

and an optional $10.00 per bird      

activation fee for the 400 mile race.

Two Auctions will be held:  30th of March and the 20th of April.

300 mile race and 400 mile race will be Breeder prize money only

Prize money will be paid as follows:

1st place = 35%,

2nd place = 20%,

3rd place = 10%,

4th - 10th places = 5%.

Prize money will be split between the Breeder and the Handler 50-50 on

For more information please contact

Leonard Lopez 505- 450-9033

Email, llopez505@gmail.com

Click here to view entry form

Results of the 2nd auction Saturday, April 27, 2013


             Buyer              Breeder     Bird Number

Jose Martinez      Jose Martinez            306

Jose Martinez      Jose Martinez            307

Jay Taylor              David Yates                    677

Mike Romero      David Yates                    622

Dwight Hughes          Jay Taylor                  1293

John McCullough        Jay Taylor                    1288

Tim Rizek                  Jay Taylor                   1273 

Tim Rizek                 Jay Taylor                    1285

John McCullough  Randy Hill                   421

Mike Romero         Randy Hill                   422

Anthony Tapia         Randy Hill                   419

Julio Borges         Bob Brumagin         6355

Ray Gutierrez       Bob Brumagin         6361

Jay Taylor               Bob Brumagin             6349

Leonard Lopez          Bob Brumagin        6381

Jorge Bravo       Bob Brumagin       6326

Mike Romero     John McCullough        763

Leonard Lopez        Catskill              1615

Jose Martinez        Catskill              1612 


Results of the auction Saturday, March 30, 2013

#Bird #BreederBuyer
1640David YatesJay Taylor
21140BeanieMike Romero
3432BeanieDwight Huges
4431BeanieHoward Hess
51110Mike RomeroMike Romero
61107Mike RomeroOmelio Perez
71108Mike RomeroMike Romero
8835Omilio PerezOmelio Perez
9814Omilio PerezMike Romero
10638David YatesMike Romero
11738John McCulloughRay Gutierrez
12741John McCulloughJohn McCullough
136253Bob BrumaginJohn McCullough
146259Bob BrumaginOmelio Perez
156225Bob BrumaginJulio Borge-Borge
166224Bob BrumaginJay Taylor
176211Bob BrumaginMike Romero
186238Bob BrumaginDwight Huges
196304Bob BrumaginBravo
206219Bob BrumaginTim Rizek
216264Bob BrumaginTim Rizek
221229Jay TaylorJohn Gutierrez
231231Jay TaylorJohn Gutierrez
24103Ken EasleyOmelio Perez
251233Jay TaylorLeonard Lopez
261223Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor

27901Tim RizekTim Rizek

Supplemental Auction BirdsBand #
Jorge BravoLL 51
Mike RomeroLL1109
Mike RomeroLL 1114
Mike RomeroLL 1115
John McCulloughLL 713
Jay TaylorLL 1211
Jay TaylorLL 1212
Jay TaylorLL 1247
Ray GutierrezLL 1162
Dwight HugesLL 10578
Tim RizekLL 918
Tim RizekLL 920
Tim RizekLL 903
John GutierrezGutz 3306
John GutierrezGutz 3317
Omelio PerezLL 810
Leonard LopezLL 1012