Los Lobos Racing Pigeon Club
A small Racing Pigeon Club started by two men Ron West and Joe Sierra who wanted to create a club where people could come and share their love for the sport of racing pigeons, and to keep it fun and inexpensive for all ages and all levels of pigeon fliers from novice to the veteran fliers. Since its first year both men who founded this club have since departed the sport, Ron has left the sport for a writing career, and Joe has departed us for the big pigeon loft in the sky. Ron never really got to see the club really get going as it is today but he left his mark on the club by instilling in the original members his passion for flying. Joe in his last season of flying held true to his passion and led us as Los Lobos Club President in our to date most successful young bird season to the south, It not only was fun and economical for all fliers but the atmosphere created by a mix of the novice fliers all the way through the veteran fliers was always very interesting. Joe had the chance to see his vision come true as our club more than doubled in size going from the original 5 members who flew the previous year to 13 members for the young bird season. With Joe leading the way along with John McCullough by his side they helped keep Myself and Clifton Spencer and Marvin Smith focused and full of the same passion they flew with. We are continuing with Joe and Ron's vision of building a strong club with the future of the sport in our sights and focused to keep things fun and growing in the right direction. One last thanks to Ron and Joe for passing on their passion for the sport and teaching us about these athletes in the sky.