Los Lobos Racing Pigeon Club

Los Lobos RPC will be having their old bird club meeting on July 13, 2013 @10 am at Rio Grand high school. It will be held at the Performing Arts Building We hope to see you all there. We will be closing the old bird season and we will be conducting a few.club votes. Thank you very much.

Update 5/20/13

Congratulations to Jay Taylor for winning the 400 mile old bird race this weekend!
1st, 2nd,& 3rd places, then Tim Rizek at 4th, Jose Martinez at 7th and David Yates at 10th.

Update 5/18/13

Los Lobos 400 mile Old bird race released this morning from Price, Utah. Strike Out at Jay Taylor's house at 2 PM tomorrow - Sunday 5/19/13
Video of release published in video section.

Update 5/12/13

We will be counter marking Thursday night between 7 and 8 PM for the 400 mile Price race Between 7 and 8 PM at Jay Taylor's house. I will leave Friday morning and stop about 1 PM to feed and water the birds.

Update 5/5/13
There will be a training toss this Saturday 5/11. If you wish to send birds have them at Jay Taylors house Friday night 5/10 between 6 and 7 PM. It will cost each flyer who sends birds $10. We will not be counter marking so there in no need to bring your module.
Shipping for our 400 mile race will be Thursday night 5/23 from 7 to 8 PM at Jay Taylor’s house. Birds will be fed Friday afternoon.

News........posted 3-25-2013

Young bird auction is this Saturday at 1:00 at Jay Taylor's home.

There should be many quality bred youngsters there.

Please see the auction race tab for details.....

Officers Meeting Notes 03/02/2013 Old Bird Meeting 2/2/13

The Los Lobos officers held a meeting last Saturday 3/2. Below are notes from that meeting.  Officers meetings are held to help us be more prepared at club meetings. We will post minutes, like the ones below, of these meetings so everyone will know what was discussed.
1. Required AU membership: Anthony pointed that according to AU rules all members flying in club races must be AU members. See rule below.
2. Website format changes; Ken has updated the website and changed the main page format. Anyone may contact Ken with likes or dislikes and anything you would like to see on the website. In the future any major changes to the main page format will be reviewed by the officers before being uploaded.
3. Old Bird deposit is required by Mar 15 for all who are planning on flying old birds. Fees must me pain in full before first race. 2013 OB fee is $200. See attached schedule and cost. All check ins for the OB season will be held at Anthony’s house. Contact Anthony if you wish to sign up to take a race, remember if you chose to haul a race you must contact me prior to the race day to get a check for the cost. The club does not keep that much cash and it helps to better track the money if I make all payments by check.
4. In the past it has been difficult to sell all of the birds we have received at our auction race sale. We are considering doing away with the auction race in 2014. This will be discussed further at one of the future meetings and voted on if the proposal is made.
The bond race rules will stay the same as last year until the club can vote on any changes. Ken will update it in our web page. One bird $10 or 12 for $100.
5. Our first auction race is coming up this year. Please contact Mike Romero if you plan to donate a bird to the auction.
6. Anthony Tapia is going to form a committee to update our bylaws. There is a format on the AU page they will be using. Any change will be voted by the club before being implemented.
7. Anyone having any suggestions for club fund raisers please contact Jose Martinez or John McCullough and they can be discussed at the next meeting.
8. Club communications will be done via e-mail and the website. Contact Jay Taylor and make sure your e-mail address is current and correct. See attached contact list. For those who do not have access to a computer, then work with a fellow club member that is willing to call you with updates. I believe Tim Rizek and Howard Hess have this in place. See contact list below.
Race stationMilesCents per mileCost
27-AprCortez Co5120.65$333
4-MayMoab Ut7360.7$515
11-MayNageezi (Trainer)268  
18-MayPrice Ut.9660.7$677
25-MayNageezi (Trainer)268  
1-JunCroydon Ut.12620.7$884
Total   $2,658
Divided by 13 paid flyers   equals $2045 per flyer
The 2013 fee will be $200 the club will cover the additional $4 per flyer. This is based on 13 paid flyers if there are less the fees will go up.
Remember to get your OB deposit in by the 15th of March
Club Roster
Nameph #E-mail
Anthony Tapia505-730-8590anthonytapia1@msn.com
David Yates505-321-5578davidpyates@excite.com
Don Garcia505-259-9673ldcia@g.com
Dwight Hughes505-489-7029equitrain@msn.com
Earl Tonkison505-345-9528 
Enrique Sanchez505-3048637rickstow@live.com
Gerardo Temores505-433-8350 
Gilbert Perea505-833-4180 
Howard Hess505-877-3003 
Jay Taylor505-452-0580yellowrosefarm@comcast.net
Jim Henrie505-301-6591No e-mail
Joey Chavez505-980-9299 
John Guteirrez345-7031jrgutz@comcast.net
John Mccullough505-417-5479mcculloughloft@ghmail.com 
Jonder Borgues505-238-0668 
Jorge Bravo505-377-4572jbmarrero14@yahoo.com
Jose Martinez505-319-8241spartanstaffords@gmail.com
Julio Borge-Borge505-353-7130julbor45@aol.com
Ken Easley505-286-8871keasley59@msn.com
Leonard Lopez505-450-9033llopez505@gmail.com
Mechaele Luisi575-743-0199 
Mike Romero505-864-1825mpromoro_1999@yahoo.com
Omelio Perez505-907-4896omelioperez@aol.com
Randy Hill505-793-5352thehillboys@excite.com
Ray Gutierrez505-877-5172       cell 710-1096ragmansrams@yahoo.com
Ray Sanchez304-8637rickston@lives.com
Randy Hill505-793-5352thehillboys@excite.com
Steve Guzman505-362-1254 
Tim Rizek505-266-3970cktshop@cktshop.com
 Wilson Bonet505-315-1557bonetwilson@yahoo.com

Anthony Tapia presented a race schedule consisting of 5 races 150,200,300,400,500 miles, and two trainers of 100 miles. Howard Hess made a motion to have Corydon Ut. as the 500 mile race. Motion passed 9 to 2. Mr Hess made motion to have the 500 mile race the first of June and work back with the dates, motion passed 10 to 1. Jay Taylor made motion to use the club trailer for the two training races and to charge each flyer that chooses to participate 20 dollars 15 of which will go to the driver and 5 dollars will go to the club, motion passed 11 to 0. Meeting was adjourned.

2013 OB Schedule


Race station




Cortez Co


Moab Ut


Nageezi (Trainer)


Price Ut.


Nageezi (Trainer)


Croydon Ut.



Minimum deposit of $50 is due to Jay Taylor NLT March 15 if you plan to fly the OB season. Fee will be $210 Based on 13 flyers who have verbally committed to fly. Cost may go up or down depending on number of flyers.

                                                 Meeting Notes from Dec 19 Meeting

      2012 YB diplomas were passed out. Treasures report was read and passed out. Introduced new introduced. Bylaw changes were discussed. Motion was made and passed to add to the bylaws that no one will train birds on race days. Further discussion will take place on whether or not to require all members to be an AU member. We will discuss this issue at next meeting. Motion was made and passed to create a new office of Web Site Manager. Ken Easley volunteered to be the Web site Manager. OB season was discussed. NW will be the direction. OB meeting was scheduled for Feb 2nd to finalize the details of the OB season. Only those planning to fly may vote on OB issues. Election of officers was held. President = Jose Martinez Vice President = John McCullough Sect/Treas. = Jay Taylor Race Sect = Leonard Lopez for YB season and Anthony Tapia for OB season Web Site Manager = Ken Easley Meeting adjourned. Note; This will be the first time that Anthony Tapia has not held and office in our club. We owe Anthony a great deal for all he has done to make this club a success. I am sure all the officers will call on Anthony for help in the coming year. I hope Anthony enjoys a little time off. I know he will be called upon to serve again next year.                                                                                                

May 26th - After one very tough race we are down to a much needed bye week for the birds and some time for the fliers who are left to lick their wounds and their losses. Congrats to Jose Martinez and Mike romero on getting the only day birds from our 400 mile race. Jose wins the race by 45 minutes in a very tough race, Mike comes in second place with only two day birds, we go to the second day with a few more birds straggling in to town. Second day results are as follows 3rd place Dave Yates, 4th Mike Romero, 5th Dave Yates. 6th Jose Martinez, 7th Mike Romero, 8th Jay Taylor, 9th Dave Yates, 10th Wilson Bonet, 11th Jose Martinez, 12th Dave Yates, 13th John McCullough. congrats to everybody who flew the race and got birds back. Now we can prepare for the 500 Mile Joe Sierra Classic which will be shipped on 31 May at 7pm from Jay Taylors house. Thanks to Jay and John for taking the race and being well prepared to change the station due to smokey conditions between Cheyenne and Fort Collins CO. We lost around 40 or so miles on changing the release station but still kept the birds in line for our 500. Thanks agian Jay and John great job the birds that did make it thank you as well.

May 8th - With the 300 behind us and some people licking there wounds from some losses its time to start prepping your birds to fly Tres Piedras in preparation to go to the 400 then in two weeks after that the 500 in the Joe Sierra Classic.

Now for this weeks results, Don Garcia does it again from Leadville CO, takes the first 4 spots winning by over 25 minutes congrats Don, coming 5th is Mike Romero and also wining the OBs aiuction race with the split with Dave Yates congrats. Ray Gutierrez is starting to get the hang of this racing pigeons comes in 6th and Mike Romero coming in 7th and 8th, Don Garcia brings in the 9th place bird for the final spot in the top 10%. Good job everybody as I drove the race with my son and Il tell you it is no easy course for these birds congrats to everybody and keep up the good job on keeping these pigeons healthy and ready to go. We will be shipping from Jay Taylors house once again starting at 6pm on the 11th of May see you all there.

April 28th 2nd race is in the clock and loaded on the net, it worked a lot better this week having the updated software. So here are the results Dave Yates takes the first 5 spots with Mike Romero breaking up his run by taking 6th, Dave back at 7th and 8th Don Garcia staysin the top ten at 9th thru 14th. and Romero Yates and Garcia finishing out the top 20. Its was a pretty fast race once again with the winning speed at 1441 YPM. A thanks out to Leonard Lopez and his dad for taking the race this week. So upcoming is the 300 mile race from Leadville CO and along with it is the new OBs auction race, good luck and keep up the good work its showing with the results.

April 27th Los Lobos RPC 2012 OB's season is officially under way, with our first race in the books and a fast race from Tres Piedras, NM we have our first winner of the year. Don Garcia take the first three spots with Ray Gutierrez in his first ever race comes in 17 seconds behind Don in 4th Place, Don gets the next two at 5th and 6th, Tim Rizek makes his debut in the top ten at 7th and Steve Guzman in at 8th. Mike Romero is in with a nice drop from 9th thru 15th, Dave Yates is in at 16th thru 18th and Ray Gutierrez rounds out the top 20 at 19th. This year we are using the AU point system so the points may look a little different itis incorporated right into the winspeed program. I am sorry for the delay in posting this update as we were waiting for the new winspeed update to make sure we had everything running smoothly. Congrats to Don Garcia for winning and all the fliers for such a fast race and having the birds ready to go, whenI released the birds they didnt hesitate one bit zig zagged right out of the trailer and headed home good job. Next week it is Alamosa CO good luck t everybody

Feb. 4th Meeting. Nominations for officers were held. President Jose Martinez, Secretary/Treasurer Jay Taylor, and Race Secretary Anthony Tapia ran unopposed and were unanimously re-elected. Mike Romero and John McCullough were nominated for Vice President. After a vote of the membership the ballots were counted and the result was a tie. Per Los Lobos by-laws President Jose Martinez then cast his vote and broke the tie. John McCullough is the new Vice President. We want to thank Ken Easley for being our Vice President this past year. After discussion a motion was made, voted on, and approved to start this year’s OB season April 21st of this year. The next club meeting will be held March 17th 3:30 at Jay Taylor’s house. Anyone planning to fly the OB season must pay at least a fifty dollar deposit by or before this meeting. After all deposits have been paid we will be able to set the final cost for those planning to fly OB. We are estimating the cost will be + or - $180 depending on the number of flyers. The OB race stations will be:
1 Tres Pioedras NM 4/21
2. Alamosa Co. 4/28
3. Leadville Co. 5/5
3. Taos NM 5/12
4. Cheyenne WY. 5/19
5. Wheatland WY. 6/2

OCT 22ND - El Morro NM - Down and Dirty and on to the Bond Race, with a very fast 100 mile race the birds are coming into great form with a 1682 YPM race. We have some new flieers at the top of the roost this week as John McCullough knocks Jose Martinez off his run he takes 1st thru 8th, Leonard Lopez comes in at 9th thru 11th, Jay Taylor comes in 12th thru 14th, Leonard at 15th, John Mc at 16th, Jay 17th, John Mc and jay finish off the top 10%. From the looks of the speeds and the drops if your bird stopped to drop something when he landed he could of dropped 15 to 20 spots. Congrats to everybody, the health and the hard work is showing. Thanks to everybody for their support, special thanks to Jay Taylor for hosting shipping this week. With his spread of food he is becoming very popular, thanks Jay great food this week. Thanks to Anthony and his son Ben for hauling the race this week.With three races left I will start putting up the race for Average Speed and the other club awards. This weeks race can be seen at the following link on you tube EL MORRO VIDEO

      The LLRPC  Bond Race is next week, if anybody purchased a bond please verify your info with Jay Taylor prior to next weeks shipping. We will be shipping at 5pm from Anthony Tapia's house the 28th of Oct. I am also asking that everybody who has birds for the Bond Race have them seperate or in a way that we can scan them in first to make sure they are all accounted for. Thanks again for everybody's support.

OCT 18TH - Flagstaff AZ. another week in the books another somewhat fast race, Jose Martinez is getting awfully comfortable at the top of the sheet with a 1st place in the Club race as well as 1st place in the 2nd Annual LLRPC Auction Race. The results for the Auction race have been placed on the front page and have the wrong date on the race, it is because the Winspeed program will not let me create another race on the same day as the club race. I created it on a Sundat to have a seperate sheet and make it easier to read for the Fliers who have Auction birds. 

WinSpeed-1 LOS LOBOS RPC 10/17/11-17:05
Weekly Race Report Page 1
Open and Sportsman Category
Name: FLAGSTAFF AZ AUCTION Young Bird Race(Special) Flown: 10/16/2011
Release(C): 07:40 Birds: 25 Lofts: 10 Station: FLAGSTAFF AZ
Weather (Rel) CLOUDY, 5MPHSE, 33 degrees (Arr) CLOUDY, 5SE, 56 degrees

1 JOSE MARTIN/1 104 AU 11 LL NONE C 13:53:06 270.445 00.00 1275.753 25
2 JOHN MCCULL/6 1758 AU 11 CORP NONE H 13:58:59 273.203 02.04 1268.754 24
3 JOHN MCCULLOU 101 AU 11 LL NONE H 13:59:22 2/ 6 02.27 1267.472 23
--------------------------------- Above are 10 percent ------------------------
4 ROMERO FAMI/5 519 AU 11 LL NONE H 14:04:57 269.162 13.37 1230.615 22
congrats to the winners in this years race.

In this weeks clubs race Jose takes 1st place, John Gutierrez hot on his tail once again with all but two places in the top 10%. Congrats to everybody as this course is proving to be not very forgiving and all around the states clubs are expierencing big losses. We are still having good results and that is thanks to everybody keeping up the health of their birds. Congrats again. Thanks to Jose Martinez and Steve Guzman for taking this weeks race, also a special thanks to Officer Bill from the Flagstaff police for keeping an eye on these two guys at the release we are looking forward to seeing them again in a couple of weeks. This week will be from El Morro NM 100 miles good luck to everybody.

OCT 1OTH - Winslow Az, A week before the Los Lobos Auction race and everybody is being cautious with there team picking and choosing very carefully making sure the birds that are going to the races are ready and healthy to compete. It shows this week as this weeks results were all over the place, Jay Taylors 1st place pigeon this week pulls out in front of all pigeons 5 minutes out in front, Cliff Spencer makes a move up to the top of the sheet in at 2nd and 3rd, Omelio Perez the rookie this year has been hanging around in the top 10 % and finally makes a move up to the top this week with two in at 4th and 5th, John McCullough back in at 6th, 7th, and 8th with Jay Taylor 8th and 9th. Howard Hess in at 11th and 12th Cliff at 13th and 14th nd another rookie to the club makes his first appearance in the top 10 % this week Wilson Bonet rounds out the top 10 % at 15th,16th and 18th. Congrats to everybody took some losses this week but another race in the 1300 YPM. Thanks to Jose Martinez and John McCullough for taking the race this week, make sure and check out the video of the release there is a link on this home page as well as on the video/Pictures page.

Next week we will be flying from Flagstaff AZ, it is our 2nd Annual Los Lobos RPC Auction Race as well as our clubs 1st of 2 300 mile races. This race will also be the first in the 1st Annual Kings Crown Series it will $50.00 to enter prior to this weeks race it is the best avg speed for the two 300's and the 400. Good luck to everybody in preparation for the money races approaching.

OCT 3RD - Holbrook AZ. three down and by the results this season isnt not getting any easier nor is the competition. Jose Martinez hold off John Gutierrez for 1st place by 2o seconds, John Gutierrez has a great drop but not enough to get by Jose he comes in at 2nd thru 14th, Jay Taylor comes in at 15th, Jose has the next three at 16, 17 and 18. Anthony Tapia pushes one into the top 10% at 19th and John Gutierrez finishes out the top 10% with 20 thru 26th. The race was a little slower but not much, on release the birds hardly wasted any time they were chomping at the bit to get out and head home. The video can be seen on youtube.com at the following link  http://youtu.be/57z8WQMrWqs .

Thanks to the Pres and Race Secretary for taking the race, next week we will be going to Winslow AZ it is the 230 Mile station. We will be shipping at 6pm to 8pm at Anthony's house. good luck and thanks to everybody for their support.

SEPT 26TH - The second race of the year and another fast race brings the winner back up north, Jose Martinez comes in 1st,2nd and 3rd with John McCullough right on his tail 4th and 5th John Gutierrez comes in 6th thru 18th with a nice drop. Clifton Spencer stays in the top 10% at 19th, 20th and 21st, John McCullough at 22nd and 23rd Leonard Lopez in at 24th and Jay Taylor at 25th, Howard Hess at 26th, Omelio Perez at 27th, Dave Yates at 28th other notable in the top 10% is Earl Tonkinson at 31st Anthony Tapia at 32nd. A very tight race again with 11 fliers in the top 10% pretty incredible and just goes to show the tight competition that is going on in the club. Thanks to Jay Taylor for hosting the shipping this house for this race, also thanks to Joey Chavez and his wife Debra for taking the race. Well Holbrook is next on the schedule keep all the hard work it is showing in the results.

SEPT 17TH - YB's season officially kicked off today with a race that I am pretty sure indicate how the upcoming season will go competitive and exciting as no one dominates the first race with 6 fliers in the top 10.

Mike Romero gets a bird in 3:51 ahead of the first bird in Albuquerque to take 1st, John McCullough takes 2nd and 3rd place with Jose Martinez coming in 4th and 5th. Leonard Lopez comes in 6th with Jay Taylor right on his tail at 7th, Howard Hess in the middle of this with a good drop at 8th, 9th,10th and 11th. Jose back in at 12th Howard and Jose switch back and forth til Clifton Spencer gets in on the top 10% at 25th and 26th Jay at 27th also coming into the top 10% is Omelio Perez first time flier in Albuquerque at 35th,39th and 42nd. Great job by everybody the birds were ready and the results showed its going to be a fun year. Thanks to Jay Taylor and Anthony Tapia for taking the race for the second straight week was a good race.

SEPT 11TH -Our YBs season will officially start this coming weekend with the 100 mile race from El Morro, NM on the 17th of Sept.  The limit will be 40 birds and shipping will be from 6pm to 8pm at Anthony Tapia's house. 

Now for everybody who flew the Sprint (trainer) race this weekend, it was a tough race and may be typical of what we may encounter in the west course. Thanks for Jay Taylor taking the race I accompanied him and we had a good ride with plenty of pigeon talk and other stories to fill our time. The speeds are a very good read as to the difficulty of the race congrats to Jose Martinez who came in 1st, Anthony Tapia came in next with 2nd, 3rd, 4th , and 5th Omelio Perez in his first year flying with Los Lobos came in 6th. Anthony had the next 4 birds with Jay Taylor coming in 11th, 12th,13th,14th and 15th with Jose 16th, 17th and 18th. Rounding out the top 10% was Omelio at 19th and 21st John McCullough at 20th, Jay 22nd, 23rd, and 24th and Leonard Lopez finishing up at 25th. It was a little taste of the competition we will be in this season, it was great to start flying again seems like the season doesnt last very long. Good Luck to everybody in the coming season 

JULY 17TH - The meeting at Jay Taylor's house went well, first thanks go out to Jay for hosting the meeting and cooking up some great food. Meeting started with the giving out of diploma's for the 2010 Race season, it was a tough season and the Diplomas were well deserved. The second diplomas handed ut were for the 2011 OB's season, it was our first of many hopefully full OB season to come. We also handed over the Joe Sierra Classic 500 mile race traveling trophy to the first recipient Earl Tonkinson. Congrats to all of this season winners.

We closed Obs and opened up for comments and suggestions, there was a motion for Jay Taylor and John McCullough to be paid out the remaining balance for driving their races it was unaminous to pay out the money. Jay gave the financial report for the season and babalnces for the upcoming YB's season. We moved into new business and this is where the fun started, Suggestions on bringing money for the club were entertained and will be moved on as the season and year progress. We voted on the upcoming YB's schedule and start date it will be starting on the 17th of September 2011, we will be having a training race on the 10th of September to verify operation of electronic clocking devices. The race schedule and race stations is posted on the race stations tab if there are any questions please contact a club officer. Several motions were made on cost of the YB's season and good discussion followed, it was decided and for more info please notify a club officer for the info. We will be placing a bulk order on electronic bands I will be contacting everybody before tuesday the 19th to verify all orders and get a good count on how many everybody wants to order. We will be having two additional crates available for the first to El Morro tosses, when the actual headcount of fliers is available we will establish the limit for the season. We are looking at a 700 bird capacity for the first two races and settling in at 500 for the remainder of the season out to the 400 mile race to Seligman AZ. There are three money races schedule for the season, LLRPC Auction Race, LLRPC Bond Race, and the First Annual LLRPC Kings Crown. The officers will be in contact in the coming weeks, if you have any questions please contact an officer for updates. We also have a established a race committee for the YB's season the committee consist of Dave Yates, Howard Hess, Leonard Lopez, John McCullough and Anthony Tapia with the remaining officers being available if needed. Thanks again for the big turnout and everybody's input it was a very productive meeting.

JUNE 16TH- With the closing of OB's 2011 we have accomplished so much and left plenty of room for growth and learning from our mistakes as well as learning from our successes. We as a club had never completed a OB's season for one reason or another, we started the season with 10 fliers and all 10 fliers shipped to the 500 mile Eden Wy race. The race was a tough race and better planning or should I say knowledge from this year should be able to allow us to build and improve next year. Now for the overall results Champion Bird goes to Howard Hess AU LL 680 with 926 PTs, Champion Loft goes to Dave Yates with 11 clockings at 5030 Pts, Averge Speed goes to John Gutierrez at 844.292 YPM. Congrats to all the fliers. Now for the results on the 500 Mile race from Eden Wy Earl Tonkinson on the second day his 517 Bird came in at 11:15am, second Place goes to John Gutierrez with his 301 bird at 13:13pm. Since the race ended there has been birds coming in we were up to over 10 birds at last count. It was a tough race as everybody knows the smoke hung around and considering the race was from 500 miles was bad enough. We have had a lot of input from everybody and as a club we will learn from this and improve our results for next year as everybody knows the money for the 500 was not won as there were no day birds. There were a lot of great ideas that I think will make a day bird next year very possible. Congrats again to everybody who flew OB's and for all the hard work in having your birds prepared for the short and hard race schedule. This is going to build some excitement as we move towards YB's with some momentum.

MAY 29TH-  With Don Garcia giving a repeat performance from Nageezi at 100 miles, he takes the first 27 positions. With the guys in Albuquerque coming in the following order, Earl Tonkinson comes in with a good drop at 28th thru 33rd, Gilbert Perea at 34th, Jose Martinez at 40th thru 43rd. John Gutierrez at 42nd, Jose at 43rd, John Gutierrez at 44th, Howard Hess in at 45th. Congrats to everybody it was the perfect tune up for the last race of the year and the big 500 mile race to Rock Springs, Wy. We will be shipping on Thursday night from Anthony Tapias house between 7 and 8pm. Good Luck to everybody flying we started with 10 fliers for OB's and it is looking like we will finish the season with all ten fliers. Been a great season hopefully we will be caring over this excitement to Yb's.

MAY 22ND -  Congrats to our Winner for the 400 mile Price Ut race Jose Martinez with the first two birds on the drop with over 1657 YPM, Don Garcia after missing the 300 makes his presence known coming in 3rd and 4th squeezing out Gilbert Perea by 22 seconds. Gilbert comes in 5th and 6th, Don back at 7th and 8th, John Gutierrez has a great showing with 100% returns with his lone entry in at 9th. Gilbert next at 10th, Howard Hess in at 11th and with the last day bird John McCullough in at 12th. With four races under our belts and two to go the excitement is building towards the big 500 mile race to Rock Springs Wy., but before we get to the Big Show we will be flying to Nageezi NM from 100 miles the last tune up before the last race of the year. A big thanks to John McCullough for sponsoring the 400 to Price, we had a great trip and enjoyed probably all four seasons along the way. A special thanks to Delmar up in Price Ut for showing us great hospitality and picking a great release spot in has been great the last three years for us. It has been a fun OB's season hopefully we can build on this year and make it even bigger in the coming years. Good luck to everybody in the upcoming race and dont let up, the current standings are up for the first four weeks with two remaining Jose Martinez leads avg speed, Don Garcia is way out in front for champion loft and Champion bird is a pretty tight race with Don's #436 bird leading Jose's # 150 by two points but as everybody knows its anybody' race with a 500 looming in two weeks. Good Luck and congrats to everybody!!

MAY 16TH- After all this is pigeon flying and the odds everytime you put your birds up in the air is 50-50 tht you will see them again. Unfortunately we had a race just like that a very tough test for our birds. Howaard Hess clocked in 1st, Dave Yates down south 2nd, Earl Tonkinson 3rd, Jose Martinez 4th, Dave Yates 5th and 6th, Mike Romero 7th, Dave Yates 8th, Gilbert Perea 9th. It looks like the birds hit the winds earlier than expected even though the driver Joey Chavez had them up early to try and beat the winds. Thanks to Joey and his Wife Debra for taking the race. We will have the 400 mile race from Price Ut this week, lets buckle up and make sure our birds are ready. We will be shipping early again this week starting at 11am at Anthony Tapia's house. Good Luck everybody

MAY 8TH - Well coming back from not racing Don has taken his second race!! Congrats Don with the first 4 positions, Jose comes in with the first loft in Albuquerque at 5th thru 7th, John Gutierrez comes in at 8th and 9th. Howard Hess is in next at 10th Gilbert Perea at 11th, the fliers down south Mike Romero comes in at 16th, Dave Yates at 17th and Jay Taylor rounds out the top 10% at 24th. It was a different race with the speeds still pretty fast but the drops from the first week went away. We will be shipping this week for the 300 Mile race to Moab Ut between 1100 and 1200 at Anthony Tapia's house please be on time as the driver of the race will have a long haul in front of him. Thanks goes out to Jose Martinez and Leonard Lopez for taking the race to Cortez.

MAY 1ST - Congrats to Don Garcia for his great race on Sat from Nageezi NM, he took the first 26 spots, coming in 27th is Earl Tonkinson. I updated the race results page. There is a change to the page as now you have to select the race season you want to look at on the left hand tab, I will be working on the page to put all our archived races in there correct tabs. We had our second Auction up at Ken Easley's house a special thanks to his wife Lena and his son Kendall for their hospitality in hosting the Auction. We will have the final results of the Auction and post them when we have them calculated. Please stay in contact with the breeder from which the birds were bought if anybody needs any help keeping in contact please contact me for breeder contact info. Thanks to Cliff Spencer for hauling the first race of the year, Cliff and I can always hold a good pigeon conversation for a few hours even when I am falling asleep. Thanks again Cliff

MARCH 26TH - The 1st auction went well with Jose Martinez handling birds as the auctioneer, Jay Taylor's place worked out great with a unexpected surprise for us when we arrived. A new born colt arrived that morning congrats Jay. There were 27 birds up for Auction and by the looks of it this years auction race will be just as competitive as last years. We would like to thank Bob Brugamin for sending birds in for the Auction everybody handled them and the fliers who bought them were very happy with there new birds for the auction race. Also a thanks to Randy Hill from Farmington NM for his two birds and thanks to the rest of the members who donated birds. Should shape up to be a great YB's season, we will be having our second auction on 30th of April and that one is looking like we will have even more birds available then.

FEB 22ND-  It has been awhile since I have updated the site sorry for the inconvenience, there is a lot of info to get caught up on. First things first I put up a little memorial in honor of Marvin Smith who passed away on the 4th of February, it is small compared to the type of person Marvin was.
The club held its annual meeting with the elections of officers being the biggest item on the agenda as the club elected some new leadership to lead us into the future. Jose Martinez was elected as President of LLRPC and I have no doubts with his initiative that he will get things done and keep the club headed in the right direction. Ken Easley will be Vice President and Jose's right hand man and between the both of them we as a club are in very good hands. Race Secretary is Anthony Tapia, Secretary Treasurer is Jay Taylor who like the other new officers is new to the sport but by no means green in keeping things on track. I would like to thank these guys in stepping up and giving their time to the club it isnt always a glorious job but it is a huge learning experience to try and organize a bunch of competitive grown men. Good Luck to all of you. I would like to thank the officers leaving office for their dedication and time served, Anthony Tapia President, Steve Guzman Vice President, John McCullough Secretary Treasurer, Jose Martinez Race Secretary it wasnt always fun but with these three other guys helping me out I couldnt have made it through our first years as a club. We will be in contact as OB's gets closer, if you would like to see the schedule for OB's season go to the Race Stations Tab.  Good luck to everybody as breeding season is upon us and always an exciting time to get things lined up for YB's. 

NOV 29TH- Well after a quick start to the season it comes to an official end after the 400 mile challenge race from Marfa Tx. Tough station and the results showed exactly that on a day that looked like we would have another fast race it turned ugly and ended up being a second day race. With Ken Easley taking the first three spots, John Gutierrez coming in 4th and John McCullough coming in 5th there were only 2nd day birds when the race was officially closed. Congrats to all the fliers who entered birds knowing it was going to be tough.

The actual end of the LLRPC season came to a end last week with a incredibly fast race from Douglas AZ, congrats to all the fliers for a great YB's season, everybody's help and cooperation made the season a great success. Info on a yb's meeting and passing out of diplomas will be in the wors and will probably be in January.

OCT 30TH -  I missed last weeks entry and will try recap last weeks race along with this weeks, Last weeks Deming  race was won by Dave Yates and second with a great drop by Mike Romero. thanks to Joey Chavez and his father for taking the race. This weeks race was won by Cliff Spencer with another fast race at 1599 ypm. These races speeds have everybody trying to make moves to get in on the victories. Congrats Cliff and thanks to Jay Taylor and John McCullough for pulling the race. I am updating the results of all the races from 150 miles out to current Hachita with out points system that was implemented last year, if anybody has any questions please contact me for info.

OCT 17TH - Ken Easley continued where he left off last week, great race Ken with the first 7 birds and only being broken up by Cliff coming in at 8th, then en again at 9th through 16th. John McCullough has a good race coming in at 17th,21st,25th,26th and 29th in the top 10%, next in at 18th is Jose Martinez. Cliff next birds at 19th and 20th, John Gutierrez next in at 22nd,23rd,24th,27th,28th,30th thru 32nd. We have Earl Tonkinson and Gilbert Peerea round out the top 10% at 33rd and Gilbert at 34th and 35th. Maybe the guy in Albuquerque can get on it for the 200 and bring the wins back into Albuquerque. Thanks this week to Jose and John Mc for taking the race and also to Jay Taylor for bringing in his Chili Beans for shipping night.

0CT 10TH - The second race from Monticello NM came to an end with Ken Easley taking the first 12 spots on a a heck of a race from the east mountains.The Albuquerque fliers were 4 minutes behind starting with Jose Martinez in at 13 and 14th, Jay Taylor at 15th, John Gutierrez in at 16th and 17th, Jay at 18th, Il finish out the highlights with listing the fliers who  made it into the top 10% as it shows how competitive this club really is with ten fliers making into the top ten percent. We have Earl Tonkinson in at 22nd, Leonard Lopez at 24th, David Yates at 27th, Anthony Tapia at 36th, John McCullough at 39th, and Steve Guzman at 41st. Id like to thank Cliff for taking the race as always it was fun riding with him and talking pigeons for the whole trip it helped as we had a additional rider with us Randy Hill made it down from Farmington to check out how his flying partner Cliff was doing as they have teamed up for the YB's Season. We also met Michaele Luisi from Monticello down at the release point to see our biggest release of the year with 406 birds thanks again to all the people from the club for helping out each week. Good luck for next week as we will be releasing from Hillsboro NM 150 miles.

OCT 2ND -  The first race of the 2010 YB'S season is in the books, it starts off with plenty of excitement even before the birds were released. Shipping night went well no problems and plenty of talk to start the season. Thanks to Jay Taylor who brought a big pot of Posole and I added a pot of Grandmas Red Chili to spice things up. Now for the important stuff, Ken Easley took the race and the season was off. Jay Taylor atarts off the Los Lobos 2010 season with a nice showing he comes in with the first 5 spots 1st through 5th and you know John Gutierrez cant be far behind with 6th through 17th. Jose Martinez is in next with 18th, 19th, and 20th next up in the mix was Howard Hess even while using the wind up clock comes in at 21st and 22nd. Rounding out the top 10% is Jay Taylor, Howard Hess, and Dave Yates gets in on the action from down South. Thanks to everyone who helped on shipping night it went great and a great start to the season.

MAY 18TH  - Well the OB's season has come and gone and with similar results of great expectations ending in modest results and weather once again playing a major role in the outcome. Castlerock Co being our 300 Mile station and Jay Taylor and John McCullough taking the race released the birds and nothing but confidence that our luck would be for a good race. Mike Romero stayed consistent with the only 2 day birds coming 1st and 2nd and an early riser for 3rd place, Gilbert Perea brings in the 4th place with John McCullough coming in 5th and 6th. Jay Taylor comes in right after at 7th and Howard Hess rounding out the clockings for the race at 8th and 9th. Congrats to Mike Romero for winning and thanks to the drivers once again Jay and John. We are looking at ways to beat this ongoing problem with OB's as far as promoting new ways new ideas and ways around the weather, all I can say is there are changes coming for Los Lobos to try and get on track to give these OB's a fighting chance at completing a season with having deal with the ever changing weather. I will be keeping in touch with the officers as well as the members to let everybody know when we will be having another meeting for the upcoming YB's season.

APRIL 29TH - The second race was a tough race for the fliers here in Albuquerque as the fliers from outside the city limits cleaned up. Congrats to Fernando Montoya flying with us for the first time this OB's season he took the first 6 spots with Mike Romero in the 7th and 8th position, John Mccullough in 9th and Mike Romero 10,11 and 12th. tough race with it looking like it will not get any easier, good luck this weekend wit the race going to Castle Rock Co.

APRIL 24TH -  Our 2nd auction went great with Ken Easley and his wife hosting it at their house in the Sandia Mountains, it was a great day for the auction with another great turn out and plenty of great birds to bid on. Please make sure and keep the fliers who sent birds in from out of area informed throughout the season, thanks again to all the fliers who helped and participated in the auction.

APRIL 18 TH - The first race is in the books although it didnt end up at the 1st race station it was a good first test for the birds in the crates. Mike Romero took the birds to the race and due to weather brought them back to a spot that still gave us a distance to make it an official race. The results although from a short distance were good considering the weather on the day. We will ship the birds this Friday same place and same time, the race will be going to Alamosa Co for our 200 mile race, good luck everybody this OB's Season has been tough on some people training has really been tough. All that can be done is keep your birds healthy and leave the rest up to them, these are some great animals and can do amazing things when healthy. See everybody next week.

MARCH 27TH - It was a great turn out for the first of two Auctions scheduled for our first Auction race to be flown in conjunction with our 300 mile race from Douglas AZ. There were 24 birds donated with a whole group of great birds up for the fliers to look over and bid on. Mike Romero with help from Dave Yates did a great job keeping things going with all the birds going to some very happy fliers considering the quality of birds up for Auction. If the second auction has the same quality of birds the race should be a great one.

The main purpose for the meeting was to establish OB's cost and drivers for the races, after a short discussion we have all the drivers for our season in the bag and ready to move forward with what hopes to be a great one. Our first race will be to Taos NM on the 17th of April, shipping will be at Anthony Tapia's house. Overall the meeting was short and productive, now everybody can concentrate on training and getting ready for the season.

DECEMBER 2ND - With nothing but excitement for the 400 and wanting to exceed or at least duplicate last years race from Price Utah we got hit with reality on a tough race that we ran out of daylight on. John McCullough's bird wakes up early hits the landing board at 0729am to take this years Steve Guzman Challenge Race. In 2nd Place was John Stelling, 3rd Jay Taylor, 4th Dave Yates, 5th Jay Taylor, 6th Anthony Tapia, 7th Dave Yates, 8th Romero Family Lofts, 9th Dave Yates and rounding out the top ten was Romero Family Lofts in 10th. It was a tough race but after the second day we ended up with close to 90 percent returns for everybody that flew. Congrats to John McCullough and thanks to Steve and his Wife for taking this years race. We will be rounding out our YB's season with a gathering of some sort time and date to be determined, we would like to thank everybody for their support in flying this season and look forward to getting together to hear all the stories for this years season. Pictures from this years 400 will be posted later today.

NOVEMBER 17TH - With the race season officially over we look towards anything to keep the birds in the air. Steve Guzman will be transporting birds once again this year looking for a repeat from Price Utah. We will be shipping from his house starting at 10 am on the 27th of November if you have any questions please call Steve or any officer of the club.

NOVEMBER 10TH JUNIORS - First of all the Los Lobos officers would like to thank the parents of the junior fliers in bringing them into the sport. Congrats to all three of our Juniors, W e look forward to flying with you boys next year.

Jose Martinez Jr.

Kendall Easley

Johnny Ray Chavez

NOVEMBER 8TH - The 200 mile race to Cortez Co. has brought our season to an end, congradulations to all the winners and to all the fliers for a very good season. We once again have had great parity and just goes to show that every flier has been prepared each week for their oppurtunity to seeze a victory. In our last race of the season Mr. John Gutierrez closes the season with his second victory of the season and a very impressive showing in taking 14 positions in the top 10%, taking 1st,2nd,3rd,5th,6th,7th, and 9th through 15th and 20th. Jose Martinez capped his great season by taking 4th as well as holding off John Gutierrez for average speed by just over 4 minutes. John McCullough as well broke up the top ten by coming in 8th and 19th congrats John as well as thank you for all you do for the club and your support this year. John Stelling comes in at 16th, 17th, and 18th even after battling the flu all week congrats John. Romero Family Lofts (Mike Romero) comes in rounding out the top 10% with 21st,22nd,23rd, 24th and 25th.

The club will be in contact with everyone to notify of the dates for our get together for handing out of diplomaas and closing out the YB's season.

AVERAGE SPEED - The official results are posted on the front page

1st Jose Martinez

2nd John Gutierrez

3rd Ken Easley

4th Joey chavez

5th Dave yates

6th John Mc Cullough

7th Mike Romero

8th Anthony Tapia

9th John Stelling

10th Jay Taylor

Champion Loft

1st John Gutierrez     2550 pts

2nd John Stelling      829 pts

3rd  Ken Easley         694 pts

4th Jose Martinez      633 pts

5th Dave Yates           539 pts

Champion Bird




November 1st Juniors - With Jose Martinez Jr. being a chip off the old block he comes in 1st and 2nd this week and Kendall Easley right on his tail in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th has been able to keep all his 5 bird team in tact great job by all the junior fliers. I would like to thank the parents of these three fliers for getting Jose Jr., Kendall and Johnny Ray going this year we are looking forward to expand our Juniors division but these three will be the pioneers for our young club. Keep up the hard work you three and thanks again.

NOVEMBER 1ST - First things first lets thank Leonard Lopez for driving this weeks race accompanied by Anthony Tapia, as the officers of the club would like to thank all the drivers for this years races as we have had very committed drivers and without many problems we have so far had very good races.The season is almost in the books with another very fast race to Kirtland NM. With Jose Martinez looking to make a statement and push to be the only flier to date to get three wins in a season his plans were spoiled in a trapping race and he will have to wait til next weekends last race to Cortez to make a push for three wins. The final results were as follows, with the last original member to finally win a race Anthony Tapia squeezes past John Stellings by 11 seconds to take 1st, John Stelling in 2nd with Jose Martinez coming in 3rd, Steve Guzmans 330 bird is 4th as well as making the final push to be champion bird. Anthony Tapia is in the 5th and 6th spot, Steve Guzman in 7th and John  Stelling in 8th,9th and 10th. Joey Chavez comes in 11th while also slipping past Ken Easley in a tight Average speed competition, Steve Guzman in 12th with Jose Martinez in 13th, Gary Miller in 14th, Jay Taylor in at 15th and 16th. I usually only go out to the top 10% in this updates but with a pretty great drop will give John Gutierrez his just congrats a little early with a drop of 15 birds and locking up the Champion Loft competition for the 2009 YB's season by well over 1000 points.

While Champion Loft is locked up for the 2009 Season with a different winner from last year Jose Martinez is looking to trip up John Gutierrez's push to repeat in the Average Speed category he holds a narrow 5 minute and 38 second lead with one race remaining with Joey Chavez in 3rd and Ken Easley in 4th, Dave Yates moving up this week to 5th and Anthony Tapia leap frogging two spots from 8th down to 6th John McCullough in 7th and Romero Family Lofts in 8th with Jay Taylor coming into the top 10 at 9th in his first season flying and John Stelling round out the top 10.

Champion Bird is going down to the last race as well with Steve Guzman 330 bird holding a strangle hold by 20 points over Jose Martinez's 578 bird and John Gutierrez 302 bird down 40 in 3rd. 

With the last race to Cortez closing out our season, the Steve Guzman 400 Classic  dates are still up in the air more information to come and costs.

OCTOBER 25TH - As we near the end of the season we are getting down to a tight race on all our yearly honors, I have updated all the results page links for all the awards. Congrats to all the fliers in this weeks 300 mile futurity as Dave Yates takes 1st, Mike Romero 2nd, Jay Taylor 3rd, Ken Easley 4th and Mike Romero 5th rounding out the prize money. With the regular club race we had a really fast race and another close one between Jose Martinez and John Gutierrez. Jose comes in 1st by 37 seconds and John with another great race with a drop landing him 2nd through 6th, Dave Yates coming in with 7th and 8th, Mike Romero 9th. Jay Taylor bringing in a new name into the top 10 at 10th, Ken Easley at 11th, Mike Romero at 12th and 13th, Dave Yates at 14th and 15th, Jay Taylor at 16th, Mike Romero 17th Gary Miller at 18th Steve Guzman at 19th and Jose Martinez rounding out the top 10% at 20th and 21st.I will have the final tally for the futurity and money will be handed out on Friday's shipping for the Kirtland race. Congrats to the Juniors again for another good race Jose Jr. finished in 1st just like dad with Kendall right on his tail in 2nd congrats to all the juniors for a fun season and hopefully it is just a start to some really fun years ahead.A thanks to Steve Guzman holding shipping at his house and to Leonard Lopez and Jose Martinez taking a great race for our futurity.

OCTOBER 18TH - As the story goes another race and another winner! John Gutierrez had a great race and has closed some ground on trying to repeat at average speed.He comes in at 1st,2nd and 3rd with Jose Martinez having another good race in at 4th and Joey Chavez in at 5th and Ken Easley battling in the thick of things at 6th and 7th. John Gutierrez then has 8th through 14th, Dave Yates from Belen comes in at 15th 16th and 17th Jose Masrtinez in at 18th Ken at 19th and 20th, Anthony Tapia at 21st with Dave at 22nd, Mike Romero at 23rd John G. at 24th Gary Miller in at 25th and then John Gutierrez close out the top 10 % at 26th and 27th.I will post the juniors results by tomorrow evening, I would like to close by thanking Gilbert perea and his Grandson for going with me and my son Ben in taking the race. Although everybody had a tough race i have a feeling we will be having a pretty exciting futurity next week from Moab Ut. Congrats to John on a strong showing this week and everybody for having healthy birds ready to compete.

OCTOBER 15TH - I was informed that I didnt give out any congrats to the last couple of winners, sorry as I have been sick and just wanted to make sure the results were posted for everybody to see.So my apologies to the winners!! With this said, the winner from Kirtland, New Mexico 1st  and 2nd place to Ken Easley ahead of Steve Guzman by over 6 minutes, Steve Guzman in 3rd and 4th with Anthony Tapia jumping into the top ten in 5th place.Ken then was 6th through 9th and John Gutierrez rounding out the top ten.

Now for the Cortez Co race and the flier who was pretty excited and wanted to make sure i didnt forget him as this was his first victory. Congrats to Jose Martinez you have been flirting with a victory since week one but finally got it done, Jose came in 1st with John McCullough coming in 2nd and 3rd and another newer flier who has been moving up all year Leonard Lopez coming with a nice drop in 4th through 9th and John Stelling rounding out the top ten. Congrats to these guys for having their birds ready when the oppurtunity presented it to them, it just goes to show that this year if your birds are ready and in good health that each week we can have a new winner. Once again sorry to these guys for the delay in updating this page I will make sure and keep up with it since the winner police got all over me.

OCTOBER 11TH - Well with all the buzz going on within the club the season is half done, and just like last year we are becoming a very predictable club.Every race has been won by a different flier and has been  clogged in the top 10% with a whos who of club members, new and old fliers are together in making sure that if you slip up it is sure that somebody will pass you on the race sheet. Congrats to all the fliers who are making this a very fun club as well as making it fun to get together every week to ship and clock birds. I will be adding on the results page an updated Champion Loft report as well as Champion Bird and Average speed reports to keep everybody aware of their birds and loft positions in the club reports. Good luck to everybody as we are in the home stretch of the season.There may be some growing pains as we figure out the new point system we are incorporating this season please bare with us during this time.

SEPTEMBER 26TH - The second race of the year showed that every flier is ready to contend each week, with a fast 1493 speed John Stelling recovers and comes back up to the top of the race sheet. Congrats John it looks like everybody is going to make it difficult for you to repeat your success this year. with 1st place secured the battle for 2nd through 8th place was seperated by a total of 11 seconds with Jose Martinez holding off John Gutierrez and taking 2nd and 3rd place and John coming with a nice drop 4th through 8th. In 9th and 10th John Stelling and Joey Chavez coming right behind at 11th and 12th. Congrats to everybody it is starting to look like we will have some heavy competition throughout the season. Thanks to Cliff Spencer for taking the race even though he isnt flying he is chomping at the bit to come back for OB's, it was an interesting trip me and Cliff hahad some interesting conversation as usual and he stills has the passion and will be looking to come back and make some noise, thanks again Cliff.

JUNIORS- It is looking like the apple doesnt fall far from the tree here as the battle between Jose Jr. and Johnny Ray Chavez as Johnny Ray has closed the gap and missed the 1st place spot this week by 30 seconds. Kendall Easley has moved up once again this week this should be a fun race to watch as these three Juniors are getting some good guidance from their dads. Jose Jr. Keep up the good work boys.

LOS LOBOS RPC JUNIORS UPDATE SEPTEMBER 19TH - With our first race of the 2009 season in the books we went one step with our future fliers, we had our first Junior race with three juniors. We would like to welcome our newest members and hope to grow and teach these young guys the true spirit of racing, coming in 1st place is Jose Martinez Jr. , 2nd place is Johnny Ray Chavez, 3rd Place  is Jose Jr. , 4th  Place is Johnny Ray , 5th place is Jose Jr. and coming 6th Place is Kendall Easley. We are expecting big things out of these three fliers and with any luck they will continue on a dying hobby.

SEPTEMBER 19TH - The first race of the year is in the books with the guys down south starting the same way they finished last years YB'S season. Dave Yates comes in 1st and Mike Romero coming in 2nd, Dave Yates in 3rd and 4th positions with Joey Chavez in 5th and 6th positions. We welcome to Los Lobos RPC not a new flier but a new one to our club Howard Hess in 7th position and our only flier using a hand clock, Gary Miller comes in 8th and  close on his tail in 9th is Jose Martinez and rounding out the top ten is John McCullough. Next with a great drop John Gutierrez with a 17 bird drop in 11th through 29th and John Stelling rounding out the top 30. Congrats to all the fliers and to Jay Taylor son and John McCullough for hauling the first race.

SEPTEMBER 5TH -  Well I hope everybody is ready for the upcoming YB's season, we will be shipping from Anthony Tapia's house on Friday night's starting at 6pm if there are any changes they will be given out as the information changes. Reminder to everyone that any flier wanting to enter birds into the 300 mile futurity must nominate them at the shipping on 18 September for the Nageezi race. If anybody has any questions please give an officer a call for any details on the 300 mile futurity. It looks like we will have 20 fliers, with that said the shipping limit will be 25 birds for the races. I am looking forward to having a great season and hopefully we can put the OB's season obstacles in our past and move forward with some competitive races and lots of fun.

JULY 14TH - I would like to thank everybody who got to attend the meeting at steve Guzmans house and thank Steve for hosting the meeting. Members in attendance were as follows,

John McCullough     Marvin Smith     Leonard Lopez    Jay Taylor   John Stelling     Howard Hess    Don Garcia

Steve Guzman       David Yates       Joey Chavez      Earl Tonkinson     Gary Miller     Randy Hill      Mario Luna

Clifton Spencer     Anthony Tapia      Jose Martinez      James Henrie     Ray Espinoza    

Meeting was called to order at 11:00 am,

     Old bird Diplomas were handed out to all individuals who flew OB's 09, it wasnt a great season in terms of obstacles we encountered throughout the season. Congrats to John Stelling for winning AVG. Speed as well as Champion Loft and Champion bird it was a clean sweep for him, right on his tail for the awards was Joey Chavez who has come on strong with just a couple of years expierence. We then moved straight into the upcoming YB's season hoping we will have better luck all around.

Letter was read by Los Lobos Club President Anthony Tapia ( Letter to Members)

There was a lot of things discussed with great participation from all the members, thank you for all the ideas we have a lot of work ahead of us prior to our next meeting on the 15th of August. Meeting Notes( July 11 2009). If you would like to read all the notes from the meeting as well as the letter to the members please click on the above links, Congrats to all the diploma winners from OB's it was not a easy season and very very trying for everybody involved thank you for all your help and patience, I am looking forward to moving forward together and getting things going for YB"s.

JUNE 13TH - Well with high expectations of a great OB's season after such a successful YB campaign we could have never guessed that our season would start in turmoil and end the same way. Lets give congrats first of all to the fliers who did compete with very tough conditions through out the year, the results page is updated with all the final tally's from this years OB's season. Congrats for the final race which was supposed to be from Rock Springs Wy, instead after i encountered some vehicle problems through Douglas Pass North of Loma Co the race went from 500 to a 350, Dave Yates finished first with 1 of only 4 day birds in the club, John Stelling capped a great OB's season and securing average speed along with champion loft and champion bird, 3rd comes Jose Martinez who has come a long way in the club in a short time, 4th Joey Chavez who kept right on John Stellings tail in the hunt for Average speed honors still finishing 2nd and 2nd also in Champion bird. I will keep this update short and sweet and say once again congrats to all the fliers for your support even though it was a very grueling season to fly in. Thank you again and i will be giving updates in the next week or so to inform all the fliers of when we will be giving out the diplomaas and along with a young bird meeting to discuss what will be coming up in YB's.

MAY 24TH-  I would like to apologize for the delay in posting this weeks 150 mile race results as I have been pretty busy. Well back to the business at hand lets start by giving out congrats to the winner of this weeks race Ken Easley and a very good race with the first 5 spots winning by 6 minutes over the next bird at 7th through 12th John Stelling with another great race congrats Ken and John. At 13th is Gilbert Perea making a subtle move and staying very consistent waiting for his chance at the 500 mile race congrats Gilbert, at 14th,15th and 16th is Joey Chavez keeping right on John Stelling's tail for average speed. Other names closing out the top 20% are John McCullough at 18th and Gary Miller at 23rd, congrats to all the fliers it was another race that was postponed til Sunday due to weather. It has been a very tough OB's season due to one thing or another it seems like every week we have battled weather and this week was no different on release the weather was calm but there were high clouds and when taking the race my son Ben and I battled severe thunderstorms from Bernalillio all the way to Nageezi til finally the sky started to clear, after checking the weather and letting thebirds sit for almost a hour they were on their way. It turned out to be a good workout and preperation for this weeks 500 mile race to rock Springs Wy. Good luck to everybody we will be shipping the race on Friday morning from My house starting at 10am and hoping to be on the road no latter than 12pm, thanks again to everybody for your patience this OB season has really tested everybodies resolve.

MAY 10 & 16 The races for OB's season seem to be throwing a curveball at us every week, first for our 200 mile race we had John Stelling bringing in 1st place,Joey Chavez right on his tail by 1:28 min. John Stelling with 3rd, 4th, and 5th, Mario Luna breaking into the top 10 with a good showing at 6th and Gary Alexander at 7th and 8th and Joey Chavez rounding out the top 10% with 9th through 12th. great race once again and thanks goes out to Steve Guzman for taking the race to Cortez. Now since i didnt get a chance to update last week we will combine this weeks race to Moab into the update,

The race to Moab was driven by Jose Martinez and his wife and John McCullough, when they released the birds there is little a little tailwind and clear skys. When the birds got closer to Albuquerque it became a whole diferent story and the birds got their first taste of a very tough race. The birds hit town from the south and Mario Luna picked up his first win as a Los Lobos RPC member coming in 1st and 2nd, Gilbert Perea moves a little closer to the top spot at 3rd and Joey Chavez keeps himself in contention for average speed by inching closer to John Stelling by coming in 4th, John McCullough comes in 5th and John Stelling is at 6th. Jose  Martinez comes in at 7th and Joey Chavez, Mario Luna and Gary Miller round out the top 10%. It was a very tough race and people started getting birds in on the second day early in the AM, I would like to apologize also to the members who didnt get to ship I think it was a mis communication that we will have to find a better way of informing everybody of shipping times and places. Once again congrats to Mario Luna for having such a great showing.

MAY 7 2009 - Finally we got a race off and even though there was a little trouble in taking the race and the birds got up late it obviously didnt affect the outcome of the clubs fastest race to date at 1896YPM. Joey Chavez breaks into the winners circle with a huge day and bumps Cliff Spencer from the Los Lobos record books. Joey Chavez brings home 1st through 8th place in huge fashion, Gilbert Perea comes out right on Joey's tail in 9th and 10th place and John McCullough right behind him in 12th through 15th. The top 10% is rounded out by Gary Miller at 16th and John Stelling at 17th. Thanks goes out to Gary and Chris Miller for taking the race it is one for the record books and congrats to all the fliers for having the birds ready for a mid week race. We will be having a quick turn to Cortez Co on Sunday to get us back on some sort of schedule. The race schedule has been adjusted to try and beat the heat of summer. It will be as follows

10 May  Cortez Co 200 Mile

16 May  Moab Utah 300 Mile

23 May  Kirtland NM 150 Mile

30 May  Rock Springs Wyoming 500 Mile

6 June Kirtland NM 150 Mile

25 APRIL 2009 - Its official the OB's season got underway this past weekend with a race that hopefully isnt a sign of whats in store for us through out the season. The winds were about 7 to 10 mph out of the SE and bythe time the birds got into town in several areas were more around 10 to 15 in Belen they were more SW winds. John Stelling picked up right where he left off in YB's with a very dominant performance with 18 of the top 10% finishing 1 thru 9, Earl Tonkinson comes in at 10th after having to watch his bird not trap for over 5 minutes, Gary Alexander comes in 11th and 12th with Joey Chavez right behind him at 13th, John Stelling again at 14 thru 20 with Gary Miller at 21 and Jose Martinez and Ken easley rounding out the top 10% at 24 and 25. Congratulations John your birds were ready for sure we will be gunning for you when we go out to Cortez Co next week. I would like to thank John McCullough for making his house available for us to ship birds this season, along with thanking Ken Easley and his son for taking the race this week, we had a few hicups but will be ready for anyting this week. Thanks again everybody for your patience as we are still learning.

In other news within the club I will be posting members of the club success on the front page with links to their awards, out of town futurities and other information so as a club we can follow along with our members results from around the country. I will start by congratulating John Gutierrez, for getting Ace Pigeon Awards for 2 birds inthe Pigeon Digest in the Division 5 category, Ken Easley for 3 AU Ace Pigeons to go along with AU Champion Loft and AU HAll of Fame bird for his Monticello Queen 3334, John Stelling also has a AU Ace Pigeon along with AU Champion Loft, Anthony Tapia with 1 AU Ace Pigeon along with AU Champion Loft and AU Hall Of Fame Pigeon for his Ludo 825. Congratulations to everybody if anybody else has any info they would like for me to post on the Clubs site please drop me an email I would love to post it and keep the clubs members up to date on events we are involved in. Anthony Tapia had a bird flying in OB's out in Las Vegas Nv inthe Silver State RPC and placed fairly well in several races getting, 6th at 250 mile station, and 5th at a very tough 400 mile race AU LL 141 was being flown by Jeff Earthman the president of their club. I would like to thank Jeff for Silver State RPC support as John McCullough and Joey Chavez are flying birds from Jeff and his dad as well in our club. If anybody is interested in hosting birds from their club please give me a call or an email and we can work something out the their club members as well.

11 APRIL 2009 - I will be adding links for anybody who sends birds out of area so club members can also follow the progress of other club members birds either in out of state futurities or just a bird that you may have swapped with another club. The new link that I just added is for Silver State Racing Pigeon Club out of Las Vegas Nevada, John McCullough and myself swapped some Yb's last year with Jeff and his dad Dick Earthman and Paul Jensen. If anybody has any links they would like me to add please give me a call with the internet address and I will add it to our links page. I would like to add that Jeff is also the President of the club and will be sending some YB's for our auction this year thanks Jeff for supporting our club, if we can ever return the favor let us know.If anybody is interested the bird in there OB season that is from here in Albuquerque with a LL band is LL 141 08 he has done fairly well for Jeff but they are having a tough go of it so far. Silver State RPC

10 APRIL 2009 - Its race time again I hope everybody is ready for the season to begin, it seems like the winds have been a problem when trying to get the birds down the road. We will have our season start next week with a 150 mile race at Kirtland NM 18 April, we will need a verbal from everybody that will be flying this week so we can make any changes or have a good estimate of how to seperate birds for Cocks and Hens.A officer will be contacting everybody at some point to get a head count of fliers so we can get out as soon as possible the bird limit for the season.Thanks to everbody for attending our off season meetings and we are looking forward to another flying season.

17 DECEMBER 2009 - Well our meeting went very well, if you want to read the minutes from the meeting click on the link LOS LOBOS RPC MINUTES All went well and everybody seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere of talking pigeons. I would like to thank Steve for having the meeting at his house it worked out great. The officers will be in touch to let you know when the next meeting will be held and where, it will also be in touch with information on other items of interest to the club. Keep an eye on the links page as a I will be adding several links to races from out of state, along with other sites I come across that give some very good information on health and flying of the pigeons. Keep in mind that these sites are a source for great information and that it is just information you know whats best for your particular situations and pigeons. I like browsing these sites and every once in awhile you come across some very good reading and ideas that fit your loft. Thanks again for everybodies support.

9 DECEMBER 2008  - An officers meeting was held to discuss upcoming events and schedule the annual meeting to elect officers and to hand out diplomas for the YB's season. All officers were present and the meeting started at 6:00 PM, Meeting was started by the signing of the diplomas for YB's Cliff and myself were getting writers cramp by the time we finished. We in brief discuss the upcoming OB season and threw around a couple of ideas to not only raise some money but different ways to increase membership. The meeting is scheduled for 17 January at the house of Steve Guzman's starting at 12pm. I will be getting a letter together with an agenda for the meeting and times and key dates to remember for theupcoming season. We all were really pleased with our season and are hoping on building that into a great OB season, there were some new ideas brought up that we will be discussing at the meeting plus some of the normal issues that always arise before and after a season. Please feel free to get together any ideas you may have to present during the meeting to be discussed. If you have any questions please give an officer a call and we will be happy to answer any questions. Thanks again and see you next year.

15NOVEMBER 2008 - Los Lobos RPC official race season ended last week at Cortez Co, but the fever of a successful season carried over to the 400 mile special race to Price Utah.With a lot of concern of pushing the YB'S past their envelope,the birds proved that with great weather and a lot of luck it can be done. Mike Romero brings home a great ending to his season with a 5 bird drop not to mention 23 miutes ahead of the guys up in Albuquerque and the first 6 places in the race and also the winner of the pot for first bird in, congrats Mike on a great season. Don Garcia takes the side pot with his bird coming in 7th 3 YPM ahead of Anthony Tapia, congrats Don. Anthony Tapia brings home all 7 in one drop getting 8th through 13th and John Gutierrez coming in at 14th and 15th, Anthony Tapia at 16th. Ken Easley finishing at 17th and 18th and John Stellings in at 19th and Clifton Spencer finishing up the top 20. Congrats to all the fliers this year, it remained competitive all year with everyones birds staying healthy. As of 12 noon this morning we were at 81% returns for our 400 mile special race, a huge thaks to Steve Guzman and his wife for taking the birds to Price. It was a great closing to an already successful YB'S season, with a 400 mile race like this it can only leave everbody in the club hungry for old birds. The club will be in contact very soon to schedule our post YB'S meeting to distribute diplomas and any closing ideas.

8 NOVEMBER 2008 - The season has come to an exciting end with our last race at Cortez Co, Great returns and another fast race. John Gutierrez comes in the first four positions also being our first second time winner of the year congratulations, John Stellings continue his great season with coming in 5th through 10th congrats on a great season. We have a new name in the top 20 this week with Joey Chavez coming in 11th persistence pays off congrats. The other names in the top 10% were John McCullough at 14th and 15th, Don Garcia with a strong push late in the season at 16th,17th,19th. and 23rd also in there was Romero Family Lofts at 18th,21st, and 24th through 26th. Congratulation to all the fliers this year we have had a truly successful season and I am looking forward to carrying forward this success to Old Birds. Thanks goes out to all Joey Chavez and his wife Debra and Joey son Junior flier in training Johnny Ray for taking the race great job on the release. I personnally would like to thank everybody involved with this season without everybody's effort from keeping the health of the birds to shipping and clocking out we couldnt have beed this successful. We are on the right track in building a very competitive and strong club. The final Standings are on the front page of the website with John Gutierrez holding onto Average speed along with Champion Bird congratulations, John Stellings brings home Champion Loft with an amazing amount of points and out in front by close to 800 points.

1 NOVEMBER 2008 - A very exciting race once again with the another winner this week despite the efforts of John Gutierrez trying to become our first 2 time winner of the season. Don Garcia brings home 1st by beating John Gutierrez by 1 second.He also brings in 2nd and 3rd place, and technically ties for 4th 5th 6th and 7th with Don.In rounding out the top 10 is Clifton Spencer at 8th and John Stellings in 9th and 10th.The top 10% included 12 total birds from John Stellings, Anthony Tapia at 15th and 22nd, and Ken Easley with 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Congratulations to everybody that flew the race this week another exciting race with great returns, everybody's birds are in great health and it is showing with the strong competition every week. Thanks goes out to Don Garcia who drove the race as well as Randy Hill who met Don in Kirtland for the release, there have been so many people who have steped up this season and helped out with the small details it takes to make our club a success from shipping night to clockng in of the birds it all adds up to so far our season being a great place to promote our sport. Thanks to everybody.

Well back to the good stuff. John Gutierrez gains some breathing room in average speed by moving  ahead of John Stellings for average speed with a 4:06 lead going into the last race from Cortez, Ken Easley is 3rd with 14:22 to make up this week, and Anthony Tapia is 22 minutes back in 4th place, Mike Romero is in 5th.

Champion Bird for YB'S is another tight race with John Gutierrez jumping in front of Ken Easley by 8 points and 7 points, John Stelling s still in the battle with 100 points, keep an eye on your birds that are in contention to make sure there ready for the last race. Good luck to everybody for our last race its been a season to remember.

25 OCTOBER 2008 - As the story goes another race in the books and once again another winner at the top of the race sheet. John Gutierrez comes in 1st,2nd and 3rd with Anthony Tapia coming in 4th and 5th. Ken Easley is continuing his push to catch John Gutierrez and John Stellings for average speed, comes in at 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th, Jonder Borgues once again has a good showing in the top ten at 9th. Overall we had 9 different fliers in the top 10%. It was a super fast race with the returns coming back at a high rate, we had 201 birds clocked out of 274 shipped. We also have another race going on for average speed with only 2:59 seperating the top two fliers with 2 races remaining, Ken Easley remains 3rd with Anthony Tapia 4th and Mike Romero sitting in 5th. I am posting the average speed report on the front page under the race report, I update it each week to reflect the last race.


1ST   JOHN GUTIERREZ  IF 8829      $400.00

2ND   ANTHONY TAPIA   AU 825      $160.00

3RD   ANTHONY TAPIA   AU 1410     $80.00

4TH   KEN EASLEY         AU 2334     $80.00

5TH   JONDER BORGUES  AU 8318     $80.00

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the race and congrats to the winners of the Futurity Race, also to everybody a big thanks for keeping your birds healthy it really showed with the strong returns. I would also like to thank my wife Lillie and our daughter Ashley and our son Ben for making the long drive to Moab, we had a good trip and enjoyed the sites along the way.  

19 OCTOBER 2008 - Well one thing we have stayed consistent with this YB'S season is the fact we havent had the same winner in all our races.Once again this week we have a new name on top of the race sheet, Congrats to Ken Easley he brings home 1st and 2nd place. With another new name Jonder Borgues coming in 3rd 5th and 6th, John Gutierrez has remained consistent with his climb to the top of the race sheet each week this week he climbs once again to 4th 9th and 10th.In rounding out the top 20 spots we have John Stellings, Clifton Spencer, Anthony Tapia, and Gary Miller, after this weeks race it is anybody's race next week. There is going to be a lot of excitement leading up to our 300 mile futurity this week from Moab Utah.We will be having a BBQ after this weeks race with our VP Steve Guzman cooking up the steaks at Anthony's house after the 300 mile race, anybody interested in joining us it will be $5.00 a person for a Steak and chili beans with other items as well. Please let a officer know if you are interested so we can get Steve a list of how many steaks we will be needing.I would like to thank Gilbert Perea and his Grandson Nathan in coming along for the ride this week with myself and my son Ben to release the birds, we had a great time and I appreciate the help driving from Gilbert. Great job again by everybody in your cooperation in shipping the birds and coming in to strike out. Good luck this week and it should be a great race this week.

13 OCTOBER 2008 - WOW!!! What a race everything you could ask for plenty of competition from all directions. We have different winner this week once again, Gary Miller wins a close one with Mike Romero coming in and taking 2nd through 9th place and then it gets even tighter from there. John Gutierrrez is slowly making his way up the race sheet coming in at 10th and 11th with Cliff once again making another move into the top 20.In all we had 8 fliers finishing in the top 10%, with speeds right at 1500 YPM after postponing the race for 2 days it was worth the wait. Thanks to Jose Martinez Leonard Lopez and John McCullough for taking the race on such short notice, I will be posting pictures on the home page from the release as well. I will be posting the race results on the front page, and keep them there till we fly the next race also update the average speed for the club with every new race. Thanks for everybody's support with this weeks changes.

10 OCTOBER 2008 - Sorry for the delay in getting the results this week, as you all know by now our computer crashed. Have no fear it has been replaced and we are up and running again.Well now the important stuff, John Stellings is continuing his great seasonwith the first 4 positions this week and right on his heels comes Ken Easley. Some new names in the top twenty, Earl Tonkinson comes in at number eight and John Gutierrez at nine. Cracking the top 20 this week were some familar names as well as some new ones, Don Garcia comes into the mix at 11 with Clifton Spencer finally getting back on track. Congrats to everybody and good luck in this weeks 200 mile race from Cortez Co. This week I am putting the Race Results along with Average Speed and Champion Loft reports for the first three races. I will be putting the race results on the front page for three days then move to the results page.

27 September 2008 - The second race is in the books and another very interesting race. Dave Yates took the first 5 spots, with Mike Romero taking 6th and 7th place. Dave and John Stellings closed out the top 10, congrats for winning the race. It just goes to show that if your birds are in the air you always have a chance in winning a race. The club will be having a club training toss from Cabezon Peak every Tuesday as long as we have a good turnout, we will ship from Anthony Tapia's house on Monday evenings. Thanks everybody for all your help during shipping night on Friday, everything veery smooth and Im sure Cliff appreciates all your help loading birds. As Race Secretary he has a very difficult job and has really stepped up n making my job easier.

20 September 2008 - Well the first race went very welland got off without a hitch. Jose Martinez took the race along with Anthony Tapia, we released at 7:05 AM. The season was underway and I can tell you as well as Jose got off in great fashion with 318 bids coming out of the trailer being a incredible siteto see.

The first race of the year went to John McCullough coming first and Ken Easely in 2nd, John Stelling brought in the next 3 birds with Anthony Tapia coming in 6th with Ken and John finishing out the top 10. Race results are posted under the Results tab,(RESULTS ARE REFLECTED WITH ALL FLIERS AND POSITIONS, THE ACTUAL POINTS ARE TO 32 POSITIONS BEING 10% OF BIRDS FLOWN.) the race was kind of slow but didnt lack excitement with the top 20 birds coming  in not being seperated by very much tme. I would like to thank everybody for their patience and cooperation on shipping night, we were prepared for a large turnout and it was exactly like we had hoped. Thanks again next week Angel Peek at 125 miles.


16 August 2008-YB's 08 schedule is official with dates and race stations set, A meeting with potential YB fliers was held on the 16th at Steve Guzman's house. There were many new faces in for the upcoming season with plenty of excitement of the competition level being raised. Members in attendance were Anthony Tapia, Steve Guzman, John McCullough, Clifton Spencer, Marvin Smith, Earl Tonkinson, Joey Chavez, and Ken Easely. We also had new fliers coming on board for this season Jose Martinez, Leonard Lopez, Don Garcia, John Guiterrez, club members not in attendance were John Stellings, Gilbert Perea, and Dave Yates. First 4 race stations were driven by Anthony Tapia and John McCullough and GPS settings were taken to insure safe release for birds. We picked up Randy Hill in Farmington to help us navigate safe release points in the area since he is a resident expert. The Horseshoe Tournament date was moved due to the Labor Day weekend on the previous date of the 30th of August. It will now be on the 6th of Sept, everybody get some practice as there are already close to 15 teams projected. Remember the horseshoe tournament is for raising money to help out the club with any unexpected expenses that may arise. Cliff made a suggestion that everybody thought was a great idea, the club starting in OB's 09 will if funds permitting pick up some of the rising costs of the electronic bands for club members. We talked about maybe .50 cents off the going rate of $2.30, not very much but something to help offset costs and because the money we are making is for the club members. I anybody has any other ideas please feel free to bring them up at any  meeting or even shipping night. Discussion on 300 Mile futurity was to inform members on costs and how money will be dispersed, $2.50 per bird before the race season along with the birds designated for the race. At the time of the race an additional fee of $7.50 per bird will be charged for any bird going to the race that was designated at the beginning of the season. The forst fee will go towards to the club and the money collected for all birdds going to the race will go %50 to the 1st place bird and the remaining be split out to the 5th place finisher. Any person not designating a bird prior to season and wanting to enter the bird or birds into the race will pay a fee of $50.00 per bird to fly in the futurity. Also there will be a bird shipping limit for the season with no back fill, the limit of birds will be determined once the official flier count is confirmed it is looking like the limit will be between 27 to 35 birds. Races once again will be taken out by club members we still need  2 drivers for  the 250 mile race and one 150 mile race, please think about this as t is one main reason we can keep costs down for flying.  There  is a possible club training  toss if enough people participate at a small fee of a few dollars per person to the driver we will  let everybody know when this will take place, please let me know  if you are interested so we can follow through the  scheduling of these tosses.  Thanks to everybody who showed up and to the guys who didnt and gave a call to show their support.

18 July 2008-An officers meeting was held at Steve Guzmans house to go over race dates for the upcoming YB season, Officers present were Clifton Spencer, Steve Guzman, John McCullough, and Anthony Tapia. The first item discussed was the dates for the race season, our race season will start on the 20th of September and will conclude on 1 November with a 200 mile race to Cortez Co. Please check our Race stations Tab to view the dates and locations of each race. We will also be limiting birds to insure the comfort of the birds, the bird limits will be set once we have a firm number of fliers. The limits will be firm and no back fill will be available that way each person will have equal space for his or her birds. Once a person falls below their limit it will just give everybodys birds extra space for comfort.

One very important item is for our 300 mile futurity race, for a bird to be eligible for this race each flier has to designate the bird along with 2.50 per bird at least 2 weeks prior to the first race. If anybody wishes to activate a bird after this time it will be 50.00 per bird. The way the funds for this race wll be handled are as follows 2.50 per bird at beginning of season will go to the club, if you would like to activate your bird when the 300 mile race comes around it will be 7.50 per bird with all this money being paid out in prize money. The first place bird will get 50% of money and the remainder being split out to the next four places.

The diplomas presented to the club at Gary's house have been purchased and should be available no later than 25 July. Also we have added to each member the option to have your own web page to show your lofts, birds and families and tell a little about yourself. It is something just to give each member a little extra to enjoy the sport. More details by the next meeting. The meeting is scheduled for the 16th of August to discuss any unfinished business and prepare for the Horseshoe tournament scheduled for the 30th of August.

Please take a look at the race schedule to see if there might be a race you are interested in taking out, Steve Guzman will be calling around to see who will be available for taking races. Remember this is one reason we can keep flying at an affordable rate by taking our own races, thanks in advance for everybody helping out with this.

Presidents Comments- Well everybody I hope everybody's breeding went well and are starting to get your birds ready for an exciting season. Remember that keeping your birds healthy should be priority number one, vaccinating for PMV should be top priority if anybody needs help in vaccinating their birds please ask around there are plenty of people willing to assist in doing this. We will all benefit from this, and one sick bird can end all our season. We are also as a club starting to grow at a very steady pace and along with this success comes responsibility. We are in control of our own destiny by insuring everybody is having fun and staying respectful, this is a lot harder than it sounds. We can help by controling rumors gossip and any hear say from other people. If there is a problem bring it up to one of the officers and we can deal with it to stop any thing getting out of hand. By doing this we can continue to grow and have fun without any animosity. Thanks again for everybodys participation and if there is anything anybody wants to bring to the table any ideas are welcomed and will be looked at to help improve the club.

15 June 2008- Pigeon gathering a huge success, the day was filled with alot of excitement and fun for everyone. It started off with the Los Lobos RPC to go over the OB season and decide direction for YB season for 08. The actual notes for the meeting will be posted with more detail, a quick overview to let people know a brief outline and direction. Diplomas were dispersed with Gary Miller taking home a large part along with Clif Spencer and John Stellings being the major winners. Gary took home the Champion Loft Diploma, Clifton spencer the Champion Bird and John Stellings winning the Average Speed for the OB season. Congradulations to everyone and thanks for the participation. Thanks goes out to ABQ RPC for there help and hard work in getting everything set up with Gary Miller, Mike Romero and helped make this a huge success with being the auctioneer and keeping things organized. I dont have a great memory but thanks to everybody the list would go on and on, everybodies participation shows our clubs are both heading in the right direction. Well as for the direction for YB season we will be giving the Northwest course a try, more details to come with the actual dates to be determined. Thanks again to Gary and his wife Chris for hosting this event.

17 May 400 Mile Race - The race day started out looking like we would have some great results, and great expectations. Sorry to say it ended without one flyer getting any birds in after three days. The race was the clubs first out to 400 miles and from the pictures on the front page started off great, with an audience of Paul Jensen and Eric Earthman from the Silver State RPC as well as Anthony Tapia's wife Lillie in her first release. You could feel the excitement from everybody there, the temp was avg. with temperatures hovering around 70 to 80 all day and the winds out of the NE to NW all the way back. We could have never predicted this type  of outcome. It was to say the least a sad ending to a pretty good OB season. I hope everybody enjoyed the season as much as I did and are as excited about getting to YB's. We will keep you posted on the next meeting to determine what direction as well as starting dates and Gary Millers BBQ. As for ABQ club they flew to Douglas AZ with also a hard race, Gary Alexander completed the sweep of OB season. Congratulations to Gary and to ABQ for their successful race season. I would like to take this time to thank everybody for their part in our season's success. As everybody can see with our site counter on the front page we have had alot of interest in our clubs season thanks again to everybody for their support and help in making our club a success.

10 May 300 Mile Race - Well a pretty exciting race, first birds in were doing good speeds of around 1500 YPM, John Stellings brought home 1st and 2nd place with John McCullough and Steve Guzman and Gilbert Perea right on his tail. These guys rounded out the top five spots as Anthony Tapia snuck in to the top 10. Congrats to all the fliers the further we go the tougher it has gotten which can only make us a stronger club as well as getting stronger birds. Next Week 400 Mile from Kingman AZ good luck everybody. Abq RPC flew from T or C in a sprint and Gary Alexander brought home another win, congrats to John and Gary in winning their races. Good luck to Abq in their next race from Douglas AZ.

3 May 250 Mile Race- Well weve all heard about them races and never talk about them for fear of them happening to our club, we had a smash on Saturday from Meteor crater Rd in AZ. Out of 129 birds released only 21 clocked and not many more returned, Gary Miller won the race but not without great losses. Congrats on the win Gary. In our counter parts club flying to the South, they had much better luck with the birds and once again Gary Alexander finished 1st but Mike Romero closed the gap this time. Congrats to everyone and we will be hoping for a better race next week in Flagstaff.

27 April unpdated race results, We found a problem in the race results that had to do with GPS settings being different on the units that we used to get each members lofts. There are some changes that occurred because of this so take a look at the previous races to see some of the changes. Thanks for your patience and we are pretty sure everything else should go smoothly from here on out. Also updated were the points from each race used for avg speed and champion loft, if there are any questions please give us a call or drop us an email.

26 April 200 Mile Race- Gary Miller makes another strong showing with another win from Holbrook, congrats again  Gary. On Sundays Race for ABQ bad winds canceled the race and had Mike Romero and Richard Aragon fighting their way back to Albuquerque through severe wind storms. Good luck next week.

19 April 175 Mile Race- On Saturdays race John Stellings came in 1st and once again Gary Alexander came in the first 5 positions in Abq's race to Hatch. Congrats to both fliers and good luck in the upcoming weeks training and race.

13 April 135 Mile Race- Both clubs had a Gary winning the races, congrats and good luck to both clubs.

12 April 125 Mile Race- Another good race for the club. A dominate race for Gary Miller with 18 of the first 25 positions coming in, awesome race. Well till next week when we get out to Navajo for our 170 Mile race. Congrats again to Gary. Pictures were taken by John McCullough I will be getting them up here in the next couple of days enjoy he got some really great shots of the birds and the surrounding area from where we released from. Thanks to Joey Chavez and son Enrique for taking the race. 

6 April- In talking with ABQ racing pigeon club President Gary Alexander we will be adding their race day results as part of our Results tab. Good luck in the rest of your season.

5th April 100 Mile Race- Great race and incredible speeds, results on Results tab, winner of race was Clifton Spencer, great race Cliff, Spence took the first three spots and John McCullough, was on his heels with the next three entry's. Pictures for the release are posted as well on the front page. Clifton Spencer pulled the race and he was accompanied by Anthony Tapia and Joey Chavez. Awesome release it was Joey Chavez first race and was pretty excited as were myself and Cliff even though we had released several races, this is the site that never gets old in my opinion. Thanks again for everybody's  help in getting the trailer ready and making our opening race a huge success.


29 Mar- Horseshoe Tournament was a big success and everybody seemed to have plenty of fun and to eat. The final count for the tournament was 20 teams and plenty of discussions along the way on who was the best. In the end it came down to the teams of Mr. Jimmy Sanchez and Leonard Sanchez versus Derick Graham and Daniel Graham in the finals. Team Sanchez had to defeat the young guns of team Graham twice to take the title. Team Sanchez won both games and took home the prize money of 175.00, Team Graham took home second prize money of 60.00 and the third place team received their money back 40.00. Overall it was a fun day and the weather could not of been better, thanks for all the help getting the tourney going and keeping it fun and thanks to all the teams who participated, the club made 500.00 dollars to use for our upcoming OB season a huge success with the way gas prices are. Thanks again from all the club members. Pictures are posted as well on the front page.

22 Mar- Meeting held to work on trailer at Anthony Tapia's house, a large turnout plus several new members were present, will update this meetings notes upon receiving further information. Meeting was held by Steve Guzman and Gary Miller. Thanks for everybody's support in my absence.

29 Feb- 

General Membership meeting scheduled for 29 Feb at the house of Steve Guzman starting promptly at 6:30 pm.

23 Feb - Officer meeting to finalize Club By-Laws and schedule date for next meeting to provide all members a copy of the By-Laws. Officers present for the meeting were Steve Guzman, John McCullough, Clifton Spencer, Anthony Tapia. Gary Miller had other obligations and could'nt attend.

1 Feb - Officer meeting held at Steve Guzman's house, follow up meeting on Bylaws. Verified changes and continue process to insure all Club issues can be covered. Gary Miller will be taking over as Secretary of Los Lobos RPC. In reading the bylaws it was noticed that John McCullough was actually holding two positions and could become a little overwhelmed, Gary graciously volunteered to fill this position. All officers on hand agreed Gary's expertise well be a great asset to the Los Lobos RPC foundation. Some more changes in grammar and as well as wording issues were taken care of, final copy of Bylaws should be up for everybody's view in the next couple of weeks.

Anthony Tapia

22 January
- Officer meeting held at Steve Guzman's house to go over bylaws. At first view everything is pretty much in place made several changes to fit the state of our current club and to help assist in moving forward to achieve current Club goals. Will meet again to verify changes.

Anthony Tapia

Los Lobos RPC meeting was held on 12 January 2008 - Meeting was called to order by Anthony Tapia,  Meeting was being held by Anthony Tapia on Behalf of Joe Sierra.

1st Order of business was club membership, John McCullough passed around a sheet from the AU to update our club membership list. Membership dues will be 25.00 for Los Lobos Dues, as well as 25.00 for AU membership which can be paid by John to make things easier, if member wants to pay their own dues directly to AU that is also fine.
At first count their will be 15 members, including Mike Romero as a non flying member from ABQ Racing pigeon Club.

2nd Order Of business was for nominations of Club Officers,

President Nomination by Steve Guzman for Anthony Tapia

Discussion followed by Gary Miller to make the point that Anthony Tapia was also the Race Secretary and a concern not to overload him with both duties.
Vote was in favor of Anthony Tapia.

Vice President Nomination by Clifton Spencer for Steve Guzman, no other nominations
no discussion
Vote all in favor of New Vice President Steve Guzman

Race Secretary Nomination made by Steve Guzman for Clifton Spencer
no discussion
Vote all in favor of Clifton Spencer

Secretary Treasurer Nomination to keep John McCullough as Secretary Treasurer
Discussion comment made by Anthony to keep continuity of the club funds and other secretarial issues handled by John the office should stay with him.
Vote all in favor.

3rd order of business Old bird flying directions
Gary Miller made his suggestion and presented his course to the members to fly South, he hande out a paper with his schedule and suggestions.
Anthony Tapia made a suggestion to fly West and presented course with race stations and possible dates.

Voted on direction
Majority vote for West direction and to re evaluate after season.

Los Lobos Invitational Racing Pigeon Club
Minutes of meeting for Feb. 29, 2008
Meeting called to order by President Tapia at 18:52
Member in attendance: A. Tapia, J. McCullough, A Gonzales, M. Romero, J. Hennrie, J. Chavez, M. Smith, C. Spenser, M. Luna, S. Guzman and G. Miller
Motion made by J. Chavez for G. Miller to take on duties of secretary. Motion seconded and Passed.
Old business: Nomination and vote for officers.
                     Race directions and stations
                     Station          Distance          Date                Driver
                     El Morro           100                 April 5          C. Spense
                     Zuni                  125                April 12         M. Smith   
                     Navajo              170                April 19         G. Miller
                     Holbrook           200                April 26         S. Guzman
                     Meteor Crater   250                 May 3           J. Chavez
                     Flagstaff           300                 May 10          A. Gonzales
                     Exit 79              400                 May 17          A. Tapia
Brought up by G. Miller: The Crates have been rebuilt and one new crate was constructed. We now have a 500+ bird capacity.
New Business: J. McCullough brought up the need to order bands before the end of March.
Motion made by J. Chavez that futurity birds be nominated two weeks prior to the first race. The cost at that time is $2.50 and $7.50 at race day. Seconded and vote passed.
Motion made by J. McCullough that at least 1/2 of race fee must be paid by first race and the second half before the 2nd race. The race fee is $150. Seconded by J. Hennrie and vote passed.
March 29: Horse shoe tournament. Cost is $40 per 2 man team. Tournament to take place at Los Altos Soft Ball Park. Motion to hold the tournament made by J. McCullough and seconded by S. Guzman. Voted and passed. The event will takes place at 11 AM.